The Road to Baja. December 2018

The Plan & Making of the Upstairs:

Dylan and I have been talking about doing a road trip down to the Baja for about a year now, he was able to get some time off work this winter, and well lets be honest I never have a job I am fully committed to unless it is my Photography work( except this specific one , hopefully no future employers read this) so I quit my super awesome under-paid graduation photographer position at the outdated studio that was draining me of all creativity and we hit the road! Well only after what seemed to be weeks (probably only 2) of building Dylans rooftop camper( which we soon came to refer as the “upstairs”) that he put a lot of work into designing. A lightweight sleeper that will sit on top of the canopy & roof rack, when popped down it is very low key and resembles a Tule box, pop it up however and we had a very spacious sleeping pod for two (or 3 small humans since Dylan is 2 of me). It had small windows on either side and front for airflow and a skylight window to watch the stars. This thing is amazing for road trips for over packers like us , plenty of space left in the truck bed for surfboards, camping/cooking supplies, luggage and all the necessary toys of your choosing.
I like to claim that “WE” built it together but in reality all I did was supervise and hand him the important tools (usually the wrong ones) and supply him with occasional snacks, and the use of my muscles to move the thing.
We had planned on leaving right before christmas, but after few set backs and Dylan being sent to San Diego for work put us back about a week. We finished the master-piece new years eve and were finally ready to take off January 1 2019!
We decided that we would Drive through Idaho into Utah where we would then drive through Zion National park, and into Arizona, where Dylans friend Jame’s parents Darch & Kathryn would so generously host us for two nights just outside of Phoenix.

Here are some photos I snapped on my iphone while we were building the camper. Stay tuned for more posts and photos of the adventure :)

Also Check out Dylans work he does incredibly rad things and I’m not just saying that because he is my boyfriend.

The Road to Baja. Janurary 1 -4th 2019

Vancouver to Arizona

After packing up the truck, we departed East Vancouver around 10 am,  a little later start as we slept through the alarm clocks.  The boarder crossing was quite mellow, no lineups and hardly two questions asked what we were up to and what the heck this thing on-top of the truck was! We were half expecting them to search us and make us open up the camper, but nope it was smooth and easy and we were on our way through America!  Driving on New years day is pretty hilarious , we encountered numerous cars pulled over with passengers who must have had a good time the night before, but not such a good time on the side of the highway yacking up the remnants of 2018.  

Our First night we spent at a truck stop on the side of the highway in Idaho, and it was COLD. Turns out when you are headed on a month long vacation to Mexico,  you forget to pack accordingly for the winter climates you will drive through before you arrive. It must have been about -20 degrees if not colder! Luckily I packed my thermals last minute and there were heated restrooms which we were very close to sleeping in.  After layering up in my thermals, fleece, micro-puff jacket, and my flannel( I actually couldn’t move)  Two zero degree sleeping bags, 2 blankets, and an emergency blanket we were able to stay somewhat warm enough until the morning, however I’m not sure either of us actually slept.
We crawled out of the truck at sunrise to a crisp beautiful day, quickly packed the truck back up and hit the road headed for Utah, where we originally had plans to stop over for a night but decided to keep driving until we hit Zion and poor Dylan had to put up with sleepless & coffee-less me for a few hours until we reached coffee. I’m told its not a pleasant combination.

We pulled up to the old Rampage site just outside of Zion National park just as the sun was setting , and to no surprise was cold as fuck again. After a quick walk outside to enjoy the sunset we found a spot to set up for the night, made a few cans of soup for dinner, and hit the hay. It was 7 pm at this point, hopefully a chance to catch up on last nights lack of sleep.

We started our Zion adventure just after sun rise, a little more rested but unfortunately it was too cold to do much outside except snap a few photos and jump back in the truck so we mostly just slowly drove through it with me half hanging my head out the window in amazement, it left a good enough impression on me that I have kept it on my list of places to go back to in the warmer months to explore.

We arrived in Phoenix Arizona around 7 pm to a lovely hot meal at the Oborne’s warm home. The next morning was spent mostly running errands, Walmart, oil change etc, and then in the afternoon Darch took us on a nice bike ride through the desert, which was beautiful and I got to test out his E-bike, needless to say I had no problem keeping up ;) We ran into a group of wild horses crossing the road, which was very cool as I have small obsession with horses. After a sunset hot tub, another lovely hot meal, and amazing sleep we were off at 6 am the next morning, Baja bound ! I am happy we took the longer route through Zion and Phoenix, as I love seeing new places and scenery , Arizona is a beautiful state that I hope to get back to one day to explore some more!