What is an Elopement?

An elopement is a purposely small & intimate wedding (less than 30 people) that cuts out all the (excuse my language) bullshit and focuses primarily on the two of you! Your wedding day can be anything you want it to, and look however you have dreamt it up to be, but most importantly the focus should primarily be on you!

snowy winter elopement. unconventional bride and groom running towards camera laughing
city hall wedding bride and groom posed on front steps after wedding
mountain top adventurous elopement
west coast elopement, forest vibes bride and groom walking together after wedding

Reasons to elope.

  • Make your wedding day authentic to you! Are you adventurous? how about a mountain top adventure elopement? Do you love the city? Elope on the rooftop of a high rise or parking garage with the cityscape in the backdrop. Are you homebodies? Have a wedding in the comfort of your own home. Love to travel and experience new places? Have a destination elopement in a new crazy place and spend the day exploring the sights! Your day can be anywhere & anything that makes you feel like you.
  • Less stressful & less expectations
  • You value experiences over things.
  • You only need to cater the day to yourselves. No making compromises on what's important to you to make your mom or Aunt Sue happy.
  • They are FUN! Your wedding day can be so much more than just exchanging vows. Treat the ENTIRE day as yours and do anything & everything you want to make it memorable!
  • Get kick-ass photos from your day! So often in a traditional wedding, we have to make due with the weather we get, the location we have etc, with elopements we have so much more control over making sure you get the most bad ass wedding day images ever!
  • Save money overall!

´╗┐Elopement Prices

Your intimate wedding deserves the same coverage as a traditional wedding day. That being said I don't offer anything less than 3 hours of coverage! All elopements include planning & timeline assistance, vendor & location recommendations. Packages of 6 hours or more include a complimentary engagement session, any other package receive 20% off an engagement session booking.

Packages start at $1050- please inquire for more info

small intimate wedding, romantic couple embraced
elopement couple embraced in a romantic intimate moment


Can we bring any guests to our elopement?

Yes! I capture elopements of up to 20 guests!

How much coverage do you reccomend for our elopement?

I truly believe an elopement deserves the same amount of coverage as a traditional or larger wedding day. I would recommend at least 4 hours of coverage. More coverage will help make your day feel more like an experience than a glorified photo shoot.

Why are elopement photo prices similar to traditional wedding photo prices?

The truth is, elopements are just as much if not MORE work on the photographers end of things. We often end up doing the majority of the timeline planning, help with vendors, location scouting & activity planning for the day ontop of documenting it all. Your day also deserves full coverage just like a traditional larger wedding would, you just end up with more badass images doing all the rad things you decide to do with YOUR day.

bride and groom having a moment on the floor together in front of alter
adventurous engagement session couple on mountain top  with snowboards
intimate wedding couple wedding dress and flowers