Jessie & Izzy

This was my first wedding I had ever photographed, it was my first experience with any sort of wedding photography at all, and it was AMAZING. I credit this wedding to what made me fall in love with capturing love and the special moments and interactions between people.

I grew up with one of the bride's Jessie in Ucluelet, when she saw that I had started my journey into photography she asked if I would be interested in photographing her wedding. At this point I honestly had no interest in ever stepping foot into this side of photography, I thought I would be strictly landscape and adventure/action sports photographer. I decided why not and thought I would try it out, not expecting it to be my jam at all. I shocked myself with how much I enjoyed it! 4 years later I am jumping in head first to be a full time wedding, family photographer!

Big thanks to these two beautiful brides who took a chance on a rookie photographer, who at the time really didn't know very much at all! We got some great shots that I am still happy with to this day! The love these two had for each other was undeniable. Looking back at the images I can see through the stills the strong bond they have, which for a single 34 year old in this world is very reassuring to see!