A sneak peek into my FIRST ever Boudoir session!

Ok so obviously I was a little nervous when I was asked to do a boudoir session, but I try to be a yes person, especially when it comes to taking photos. I wasn't sure if I would be able to capture anything good, or if it would just be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable for both of us. Well it was totally fine, and actually a lot of fun! I did break/fall off the bed at one point though trying to get the best angle so that was worth a good laugh, and some pain to my chest as I impaled into the bedpost.

We got some shots that we were both pretty happy with and I am happy to say I am excited to explore more into this side of portrait work. I feel if done right it can be very empowering not only for the model but also the photographer and you can get some amazingly tasteful sexy images. I am not the type of person who would ever think of doing a boudoir shoot for myself, but after this experience I think I totally would! Every woman should feel confident in their own body, and this is a great way to get there!