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35mm film photography engagement photos in Tofino, BC
Tofino Engagement photos shot on 35mm film

Golden Hour Tofino Engagement Session with A & B - Tofino Wedding Photographer.

When A asked to do her and B's engagement photos in Tofino, it was an immediate and obvious heck yes! I asked if there was a specific beach they loved out there and they said Tonquin, which I had never photographed at yet so was so excited to try out a new location. This was my first time meeting the two of them and their adorable scruffy little dog and we immediately clicked, I knew this was going to be a fun shoot! I had brought along my new 35mm film camera in hopes that we would have some good light and they would be into me shooting a roll of film on them. We came to the end of their session and still had some light left, so we made it happen and I am so stoked on the results!

Tonquin Beach Engagement Photos in Tofino BC

I have been a film photography junky since the first time I picked up a camera at about 9 years old, I took some dark room classes in highschool and then again later in my 20's. I have usually strictly shot on film for my own personal travels and adventures but after recently starting to process my own film, I thought it would be a great addition to my portrait & wedding packages! When shooting on digital I am so critical and hard on myself to get everything perfect that sometimes you forget it's about the moment in time. Shooting on film makes you slow down, and capture those moments in time, and even the blurry/out of focus or bad ones still have this special feeling to them. I look forward to bringing this aspect of photography into my portrait & wedding photography work here on Vancouver Island.

candid moment caught on 35mm film photography during Tofino, BC Engagement photography session
Tofino Engagement photos shot on 35mm film photography
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Tofino engagement photography at Tonquin Beach, shot on 35mm film photography
West Coast beach engagement photos, shot at Tonquin Beach in Tofino, BC , Vancouver Island Photographer
Tofino engagement photographer shooting 35mm film photos. Candid moment of couple captured on film on Tofino beach
sunset in Tofino, BC caught on 35mm film by Tofino wedding & engagement photographer